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The Revive America movement began in November 2020. We realize that there are many areas of the United States that have been run into the ground after decades of Democratic leadership.

We can never succeed with the people divided. Join us and get connected with other Pro-America groups across the country. The time for us to take our country back is now! Let’s make things happen for the people, not the government!

Revive America is a growing, grassroots organization with a mission to restore election integrity and give new strength to our American government by electing conservative candidates, one state at a time, starting with New Jersey.
Revive America seeks to fulfill this mission through a multifaceted approach which includes:

1. Supporting existing political leaders who reflect conservative core values;

2. Identify, train, and provide resources to new individuals who wish to run for office on state and local levels;

3. Effectively respond to legislation that is detrimental to citizens’ welfare as well as support legislation that is beneficial;

4. Restore election integrity by cleaning up voter rolls and voter registration with a strong, supportive volunteer base;

5. Network with like-minded, conservative groups across the nation, so that unified, we the people can be an army of civilian patriots, fully equipped to revive and strengthen our Country – one state at a time.


We spread the word and help Conservative constitutionalist candidates to get elected across the United States.


Revive: America has partnered with American Cleanup to help with restoring neglected cities all across the United States.


Revive America hosts numerous events with other conservative groups across the United States in an effort to network, motivate, and promote conservative values.


Many people are uninformed when it comes to our rights, the constitution, and politics in general. Revive America hosts seminars and events designed to educate, inform and empower our communities. Informed people make informed decisions!